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1892A few facts about Brazil, by a twenty years' resident in that countryWright, Charles
1823A Letter to M. Jean-Baptiste Say, on the comparative expense of free and slave labour. By Adam Hodgson. Liverpool, printed, 1823Hodgson, Adam
1838A view of the commerce between the United States and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: including the Number of Arrivals of American, English, French, and all other Foereign Vessels... With a succint Statement of the General Commerce with Rio de Janeiro, and other Commercial Ports fo the Empire frequented by American and European Vessels...Baker, John M.
1806A voyage to Cochinchina, in the years 1792 and 1793: To which is annexed an account of a journey made in the years 1801 and 1802, to the residence of the chief of the Booshuana nationBarrow, John, 1764-1848
1810A voyage to South America, and the Cape of Good Hope, in His Majesty's gun brig the Protector, commanded by Lieut. Sir G.M.Keith, bartKeith, George Mouat
[1850?]A woman's journey round the world, from Vienna to Brazil, Chile, Tahiti, China, Hindostan, Persia, and Asia MinorPfeiffer, Ida, 1797-1858
1912Aborigines of South America, by the late Colonel George Earl Church; ed. by an old friend, Clements R. Markham, K.C.BChurch, George Earl, 1835-1910
1880Across Patagonia, by Lady Florence Dixie, with illustrations, from sketchesDixie, Florence, Lady, 1855-1905
1935All about coffeeUkers, William H., 1873-1945
1592 [i.e. 1597?]; 1592Americae tertia pars memorabil e provinci Brasili historiam contines: germanico primum sermone scriptam a Io ane Stadio ... ; nunc autem latinitate donatam a Teucrio Ann o Priuato Colchanthe ... ; addita est narratio profectionis Ioannis Lerij in eamdem provinciam, qu a ille initio gallic e conscripsit, postea ver o latinam fecit ; his accesit descriptio morum & ferocitatis incolarum illius regionis, atque colloquium ipsorum idiomate conscriptumBry, Théodor de, 1528-1598
1661An historical & geographical description of the Great Country & River of the Amazones in America (e.1)Pagan, Blaise-François de, 1604-1665
1879Brazil and the Brazilians, portrayed in historical and descriptive sketchesFletcher, James C. (James Cooley), 1823-1901
1857Brazil and the Brazilians: portrayed in historical and descriptive sketchesKidder, Daniel P., 1815-1891
1887Brazil its condition and prospectsAndrews, Christopher Columbus
1792Clarendon's accurate and copious account of the Debate of the House of Commons on Mr.Wilber-force's Motion for an Abolition of the Slave Trade, April 2, 1792-
1810]Conta publicada pela commissão encarregada de dirigir a distribuição do donativo votado pelo parlamento do reino-unido da Grãa-Brethanha, e Irlanda, para socorro das terras de Portugal devastadas pelo inimigo em 1810-
1955Copy of a letter of the king of Portugal sent to the king of Castile concerning the voyage and success of India, translated by Sergio J.PacificiManuel I, rei de Portugal, 1469-1521
1827Description of a view of the city of St. Sebastian, and the bay of Rio Janeiro, now exhibiting in the Panorama, Leicester-Square, painted by the proprietor, Robert Buford, from drawings taken in the year 1823Burford, Robert, 1791-1861
1853Exploration of the valley of the Amazon, made under direction of the Navy Department (v.1)Herndon, William Lewis, 1813-1857
1853Exploration of the valley of the Amazon, made under direction of the Navy Department (v.2)Gibbon, Lardner