Authors: Brown, John
Title: Narrative of the dreadful sufferings of six men, who left the Island of St. helena in a Whale Boat and putting to Sea were tossed about for 29 days in which time they were so hard put to for provisions.. when three of the six arrived at a Portuguese Settlement in South America. The whole delivered upon Oath, by John Brown, one of the Survivors
Publish Location: Stirling
Publisher: C. Randall
Issue Date: 1806
Physical Medium: 8 p, 17,8 x 11,2 cm
Description: O folheto está citado na Bibliographia Brasiliana de Rubens Borba de Moraes, v.1, p. 167
Local Note: O exemplar da BBM está encadernado em plena cartonagem cinza com tacelo vermelho
O exemplar da BBM possui Ex-libris Rubens Borba Alves de Moraes
Language: eng
Geographical Coverage: GRÃ-BRETANHA
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