Title: The Dutch survay. Where in are related and truly discoursed, the chiefest losses and acquirements, which have past betweene the Dutch and the Spaniards, in these last foure yeares Warres of the Netherlands ...
... with a comparative ballancing and estimation of that which the Spaniards have got in the Dutchies of Cleeve and Iuliers, with that which they have lost unto the Dutch and Persians, in Brasilia, Lima, and Ormus. Whereunto are annext the Mansfeldian motives, directed unto all Colonels, Lieutenant-Colonels, Sergeant Majors, private Captaines, inferiour Officers, and Souldiers, whose service is engag'd in this present expedition, under the conduct and commaund of the most illustrious Prince Ernestus, Earle of Mansfield
Publish Location: London
Publisher: Edward Allde, for Nathaniel Butter
Issue Date: 1625
Physical Medium: 41 p.
General Contents: Estudo publicado na Inglaterra sobre os conflitos e as disputas territoriais no ultramar entre a Espanha e os Países Baixos no início da década de 1620. Inclui um balanço das perdas e conquistas dos espanhóis e holandeses nas Índias Ocidentais e Orientais.
Language: Inglês
Rights: Domínio público
Subject: GUERRA
Temporal Coverage: Século 17
Geographical Coverage: BRASIL
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