Authors: Biet, Antoine, 1620-
Title: Voyage de la france Eqvinoxiale en l'isle de Cayenne, entrepris par les francois en l'annee M.DC.LII. Diuisé en trois livres...
Edition: 1. ed
Publish Location: Paris
Publisher: Francois Clovzier
Issue Date: 1664
Physical Medium: 11f.s.n., 432 p, 24 cm
Description: Signature: A-Z3, Aa-Zz3, Aaa-Hhh3.
General Contents: One of the primary sources for the French ventures in Guiana. Biet was a French priest who went to the West Indies in 1652. The work is divided into three sections. The first part describes his voyage out; the second part describes events at the colony for the next fifteen months; and the third part provides a description of the country and the Indians. The author also made a short journey to Barbados, Martinique, and Guadeloupe, and offers some useful information about those regions. The work contains a vocabulary of the Carib Indian language. Crouse, FRENCH PIONEERS IN THE WEST INDIES, p.273. SABIN 5269. EUROPEAN AMERICANA 664/15. LeCLERC 165. HANDLER, BARBADOS HISTORY, p.5. MAGGS BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA V:4336.
Local Note: O exemplar da BBM possui encadernação plena carneira de época
O exemplar da BBM possui notas bibliográficas e de raridade, ver dossiê n.325
Language: fre
Temporal Coverage: SÉCULO 17
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