Authors: Galvão, Antonio, -1557
Title: The discoveries of the world from their first original unto the yeere of our Lord, 1555. Briefly written in the Portugall tongue by Antonie Galvano, Governour of Ternate, the chiefe Island of the Malucos, Corrected, quoted, and now published in English by Richard Hakluyt, sometimes student of Christ church in Oxford
Publish Location: Londres
Publisher: G. Bishop
Issue Date: 1601
Physical Medium: 10 p.s.n., 97 p, 18,2 x 13,1 cm
Description: Edição Fac-símile acompanha folheto publicado em 1966. Impresso na Itália.
General Contents: Feito em conjunto com: Ralegh, Walter: The discoveries of the large, rich and bewtiful empyre of Guiana, 1595 [...]. Fac-similes produzidos para World Publishing Company, por George Rainbird Limiteds, London.
Local Note: Na BBM, a encadernação está acondicionada em caixa
Edição Fac-símile da BBM está encadernado com: Galvão, Antonio: The discoveries of the large, rich and bewtiful empyre of Guiana, with a relation of the great and golden Citie of Manoa
Subject personal name: Ralegh, Walter
Contributor: Hakluyt, Richard, trad
Language: eng
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